Haena is one of the most talented designers I’ve ever had the privilege to work with - and I’ve been working with designers for ~30 years! She combines art & design with the practicality of branding requirements in today’s world. She’s also incredibly efficient, flexible & a fabulous listener…
— Suzanne Sengelmann, CEO, Lady Patch
When I launched my Landscape Design business I knew I wanted to stand out in a crowded field so I turned to Haena for inspired design. She started from scratch and brought me options that were totally fresh, so many ideas I had not even considered. From color palette to logo to branded materials she completely nailed it. She went above and beyond to even create my business card, stationary, title block and t-shirts. Years later I’m still thrilled with the work, she truly helped create and launch a brand identity that is effective at gaining attention from the right clients!
— Heather Reid, Lead Designer & Owner, Hey Nice Garden
Haena is an incredible art director, designer, and overall creative thinker who always brings that extra *something* to the table; great ideas, strategic thinking, strong work ethic, and enthusiasm make her assignments shine no matter how big or small. She is always a joy to work with and the results can be seen in her work across all sorts of disciplines. I wish the world had more Haenas!
— Jonathan Linder, SVP Creative Director, Energy BBDO
In the summer of 2014 Bright Side Projects was presented with an opportunity to beautify MuHsiang Children’s Home in Taiwan. Haena immediately reached out to us when she heard about our charity project. Despite being based in New York, within days we were able to schedule her to fly over and beautify the space. In addition she hosted a one day workshop for the children to create mini artworks for their new home.

Our project took place in a very short timespan from conception to completion in a matter of weeks. Haena proved to not only be an impressive artist but a true professional. She was clear in her communication of what she planned to create and what she needed to meet our deadline and within budget. The one-day workshop hosted for the children of the home was yet another absolutely delightful collaboration. Under Haena’s patient guidance and clear instructions, each child was able to create their own mini artwork on canvas.

Haena often worked on her own hours to ensure that her creation was a masterpiece that brightened the new home which both children and adults will enjoy for years to come. She has an eye for beauty, a passion for good causes, and is a wonderful communicator. It was a joy to have had her onboard with us and I know that any future projects with her involved will be a success.
— Daisy Lin, Founder, Bright Side Projects
I was in need of print communication as part of my marketing plan for ArtsConnection Teen Programs. I knew right away which designer I should reach out to for this project. After briefing Haena on the communication strategy, I let her do her magic. A few days later she knocked it out of the park with her first design direction. I was amazed, my whole team was amazed! Her design was not only creative but also eye-catching and spoke to the various audiences it was intended for. I highly recommend Haena. She has great design intuition. She delivers work that fulfills the client’s objectives and so much more.
— Rina Ortega, PR/Communications, ArtsConnection
What can I say? Working with Haena has been great! She went above and beyond all expectations! With every iteration of my company’s logo, packaging and website design, she rocked the house! Not only is she easy to work with but, she’s on time and on point too! My staff and I enjoyed her work so much, we looked forward to seeing her new designs. If you have a chance to work with her, you’ll be doing yourself a favor!
— Cindy Santa Cruz, Owner & Founder, ParaPatch
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Haena on a number of projects at a very high-paced ad agency. Haena is an insightful and hard working designer who’s fun, creative and unpretentious. Her skills and work ethic were key to the success of numerous projects for one of our major accounts at the time, Safeway. She is honest and straight and is able to let you know when poor design decisions are being made and suggest a viable solution. As a project manager, having someone you can count on, particularly in a tough situation is utterly priceless!
— Lan Chessey, Senior Project Manager, Razorfish
We were in need of something beautiful and inspirational to look at in our new backyard and Haena delivered. With just a few words of the kind of ambiance we’d like during our time outside, she knew right away the kind of atmosphere we were looking for. We have been admirers of her artwork so we completely trusted her with whatever concept she decided on. Needless to say, we are incredibly pleased with the results — Haena has created an urban oasis in Brooklyn!
— John & Rina Scheaffer, Art Collectors
Haena created the visual look for my mixtape series called “All Out King.” Haena’s task was to make a different cover to represent each mixtape and theme, but since it was a series, each cover still had to have a relationship to the other 5, and also have an aesthetic that represented the “DJ Neil Armstrong” brand as a whole. Her job was to join the art, commerce and passion that I was expressing through music visually.

These mixtapes started coming out over 10 years ago but are still some of people’s favorites and my most recognized project. Haena’s designs made sure that they would be remembered. Her album art helped make the work that I did a classic, standing the test of time.
— DJ Neil Armstrong
Haena is a pleasure to work with. A thoughtful designer who understands brands and can execute thoughtful, business-driven communication across multiple channels. Her strengths, however, are not limited to design execution ... you would be smart to have Haena at the table from the beginning, where her intelligence and understanding of business needs will make any campaign better.
— Eddie Garrett, EVP Global Digital Strategies, ‎Porter Novelli
Haena brings a massive amount of passion and dedication to every project she attacks. In our time working together, I saw her conquer several difficult projects with seeming ease while her feet were in the fire. Haena also has gracious client relationship skills, she was able to sell concepts that were a reach. She’s someone anyone would want on their team!
— Jennifer Ormerod, Creative Director, W2O Group
Haena has what is in my experience a fairly unique combination of skills: extraordinary design ability combined with considerable client management skills.

Everybody wants everything to “pop;” everybody wants the logo bigger; every client wants to be the art director. Most often that results in dumbed-down, lowest common denominator boring design. Haena creates great designs and is outstanding at communicating the reasoning and thought process behind the them to achieve maximum client satisfaction. If she didn’t spend all her time making great designs, she’d be an excellent sales person.

Basically, if you want it to look good—pretty much whatever “it” might be— and you want the client to weep tears of joy when you deliver the product, you should probably get Haena to design it.
— Rob Cooper, President, Yegii, Inc.
I think Haena is a remarkable creative, not only because she is a hard worker and imaginative, but because she is able to partner well with other disciplines within the agency world. That’s a rare thing, not to get caught up in one’s own world, but to understand that it takes a team to make something worthwhile.

I must warn you though...working with her will probably end up winning you a new good friend as well.
— Andrew Tada, Client Partner, Razorfish
Haena is a brilliant designer that is always pushing the envelope of what is possible. Not only that, she is always rethinking visual design to communicate to the user in the simplest and most intuitive terms. Every project we have worked on, she has always been extremely passionate and motivated, and has always inspired me to do my best work. Her work is nothing short of stunning.
— Larry Lague, Software Engineer, Google [X]
I’ve worked with Haena in many capacities and highly recommend her as an art director, designer and master of creating standout identity. First, we worked together as partners on digital assignments, her ability to capture the strategy and translate it into fresh work set the bar for the rest of the department. Eventually I hired her to design my business identity and website: heynicegarden.com. Again, she knows how to listen to clients and deliver beyond their expectations every time. She’s a joy to work with and only wish she was back here in SF more frequently.
— Heather Reid, Freelance Writer/CD