Creative Direction, Design

With their website being outdated in both design and technology, PBS wanted to begin redesigning the home page first, and then slowly roll out the new design into the rest of the site.

My design catered to their aggregated content and utilized their broadcast assets to optimize their digital presence. This design was used to inform and help improve their website’s efficiency, flexibility and improve the overall user experience.

Haena has what is in my experience a fairly unique combination of skills: extraordinary design ability combined with considerable client management skills.

Everybody wants everything to “pop;” everybody wants the logo bigger; every client wants to be the art director. Most often that results in dumbed-down, lowest common denominator boring design. Haena creates great designs and is outstanding at communicating the reasoning and thought process behind the them to achieve maximum client satisfaction. If she didn’t spend all her time making great designs, she’d be an excellent sales person.

Basically, if you want it to look good—pretty much whatever “it” might be— and you want the client to weep tears of joy when you deliver the product, you should probably get Haena to design it.
— Rob Cooper, GHC Media Partners

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