“Postcard a Day” series: Call for participants

In January 2015, I'll be starting a small side-project called “Postcard a Day.” For the month of January, I want to create something every day for someone to snail mail to. It's my tiny way of giving back or paying-it-forward. Call me old school, but I still love getting things in the mail. In a time where everything is digital...the idea of creating excitement over receiving something in the mail, also makes me super excited to start this series.

Since there are 31 days in January, I will send the first 31 people who send me their addresses, a personalized postcard. Starting out, each piece could be a drawing, painting, collage, mixed media piece, or photograph... it will depend on what I'm inspired to make that day. Once it's made, I will turn the original piece into a printed postcard, titled with your name, just for you!

Formal announcements will be made each day via Instagram and Facebook the month of January. Artwork will be posted in the order it's received and the postcards will be sent in February.

The only thing I ask in return is for a photograph of it in it's new home and to hashtag it as #haenakang on Instagram.

If you're interested, please fill out the form below to participate in the “Postcard a Day” series!

Looking forward,