Debut of an intimate mini-series

"A Postcard A Day" was born out of the idea of creating something as a way of giving back or paying-it-forward. I held an open call for participants back in December 2014. Then for the month of January 2015, I created something new every day and mailed a print to each of the 31 participants, who signed up to take part from all over the world, including Australia, Taiwan, Germany, and Philippines. None of the participants knew what day they were "slotted" so that they could be surprised the day of. In addition, each piece was created before knowing who it was going to…mainly because I wanted to keep it a surprise for myself and didn't want to be influenced. I found that it kept everything fresh for both parties.

Some have of the originals have been sold since the exhibition at Dotory, but all 31 pieces are showcased in the online gallery below. If you're interested in purchasing an original, the remaining ones will be available on my online shop at a future date! :)

If you'd like to participate in future collabortive endeavors or mini-series, please sign up for the open call announcements through this form:

HUGE THANKS to Haegeen Kim, Dotory Staff, Dan Cuenca and Haemee Kang for your help in making it all happen.