May 2, 2014: Opening reception for Glades

Please join me for the opening reception of Glades, a solo exhibition of my latest artwork. Feel free to bring friends & family. Kids always welcome.


April 13, 2014 Press Release:


The Bakery Presents

Haena Kang
May 2–25, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, May 2, 7–10pm


The Bakery is pleased to present Glades, an exhibition of new paintings by Haena Kang.

“To wander the wilderness and come out on the other side.”

Haena describes glades, the clearings in a forest, as the inspiration for her most recent series of paintings.

Starting with a basic sketch, or no plan at all, Haena begins every composition in the series with a field of color, which she then divides and sub-divides with geometric and organic patterning. The contrast between unstructured and structured elements lends
each painting a polar energy. With dense, dark depths, high jagged peaks, and bright, lighthearted intermissions, the effect of viewing Haena’s paintings is that of navigating a forest without a map. Her spontaneity of process yields a genuine fluidity and vulnerability that make the Glades paintings both charming and haunting.

In Haena’s words: “This series of paintings is based on the process of achieving moments of clarity. Being able to see through all the clutter and chaos in life, to organize and balance it, and even more so, to realize and appreciate the natural order in things, allows me to see the potential for harmony. [My work is] about relinquishing control and premeditation, embracing vulnerability and a willingness to act from my feelings and intuitions, and giving myself permission to explore unknown territories in new and yet-to-be-discovered ways.”

A Queens native, Haena Kang has always gravitated towards colors, patterns and anything with texture. She focused on painting, drawing and photography in school but went on to pursue a career in design and illustration. In 2010, a culmination of these interests came full circle, and she began painting again.

Haena was the first artist to sign on for a studio space at the Bakery in 2013, where she developed the Glades series, so it is with great pleasure that the Bakery will be hosting her first solo show in New York.