Calligraphy by Luca Barcellona

One art form that I always have a deep appreciation for is calligraphy. During my college years, I studied it and only used metal nibs for my assignments. That class provided a lot of insight to the craft and I don't think that anyone really knows how painstaking the process's what makes this art form precious. It's an artistry that requires, better yet, demands one to be focused, controlled, yet calm, so that your hand and motions are no longer two separate entities. There's no room to think. You have to allow the nib to become an extension of your hand and then, create movement through the expressive qualities of the strokes you make. If you premeditate your movements, it almost guarantees you'll f*ck up. Once you do f*ck up, that's it. You have take all the time and effort you just spent, trash it, and start all over again. It's unrelenting that way. On the up side though, when you do capture everything in that single's golden.

I mention this because it provides a better understanding of my latest find (I've rarely come across people that have done calligraphy before). His name is Luca Barcellona and his calligraphic work is beautiful. We live in such a digitized world, that when you come across work such as Luca's, all hand drawn, it's refreshing to see. I selected a few to show you the various personalities this art form can take on. Each piece evokes a different emotion and I loved going through his diverse body of work.