“Quantum of Solace” Opening Animation

The title sequence for “Quantum of Solace” just came to mind and I remembered thinking that it was really well done. MK12 designed the typeface and the opening credits for the film.

MK12 custom designed the type­face which looks like a clas­sic Helvetica-ike grotesque. The type, cre­ated from scratch, was mod­elled around the per­fectly cir­cu­lar O’s, which were orig­i­nally meant to sym­bol­ize bullet cas­ings. The ani­ma­tion style incor­po­rates the clas­sic trav­el­ling dot from the barrel sequence, which pre­cedes the open­ing titles in almost all of the Bond films. Also, by util­is­ing the spo­radic blink­ing of basic shapes, the font ani­mates in tandem with the stac­catos of the main title score and pays homage to the open­ing titles from Dr. No (1962) and its designer, Mau­rice Binder.

Source: http://fontfeed.com/archives/mk12-quantum-of-solace-title-sequence/