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Finished Pieces

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Series in Progress

I am currently looking for opportunities, sponsors and/or representation to show both series (separately) in a meaningful and impactful way. 
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This painting is part of an ongoing series called "Migration". Enraged by the ban that was enforced on seven countries in early 2017, it made me rethink about what it means to be "American."

In short, the concept revolves around what I think makes America beautiful, the presence and blending of different cultures. There’s more to this but in essence, the body of work for this series involves creating ecosystems that embraces various cultures…and how the energy and matter that moves through these ecosystems, are what makes them thrive. This was inspired by a pattern found in a traditional Somali Guntiino.

Telling stories that show there is hope, during these politically charged times, is where I strive to show that as individuals, we can be choose to be there for each other. Demonstrating that we can (individually or as a group) find a sense of purpose out of this rage, is important.

I believe in optimism, in being proactive, and not just letting ourselves wallow in our despair.


This painting is part of an ongoing series called "Underneath It All". Due to the alarming spike in the transgender murders lately, I began this series with the intention of facilitating dialogue around the transgender community and the threats they are facing today.

My hope is to bring awareness around the growing number of brutal murders happening within the transgender community – more specifically, to transgender women of color across the US. I chose to address this particular issue because I’ve always found it unsettling. It goes against everything I believe in – on a fundamental HUMAN level.

To bring beauty in the midst of darkness, each piece was created to honor a transgender life that was tragically taken away. The victims' names are weaved into a new world that blends and morphs into its surroundings. I want to demonstrate that they were (and always have been) an integral part of our society and contribute to the colorful spectrum we currently live in –  to position them as an essential part of our society and as individuals that contribute to the beauty of our society. Their lives mattered then and still matter today.

(Note: The painting's titles are WIP as well due to legal issues.)



Staircase Mural for Charity


In August of 2014, the MuHsiang orphanage in Taipei, Taiwan acquired an old elementary school to transform into its new home. The orphanage staff and volunteers have been providing homes for children affected by domestic violence and hoped to continue building upon that love in their new space. The orphanage and Bright Side Projects, began their “Build a Home” journey to beautify their new home by inviting artists to create site-specific pieces. I was honored when they invited me to help...

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