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Creative Direction, Design, Illustration: Brand Identity

What can I say? Working with Haena has been great! She went above and beyond all expectations! With every iteration of my company’s logo, packaging and website design, she rocked the house! Not only is she easy to work with but, she’s on time and on point too! My staff and I enjoyed her work so much, we looked forward to seeing her new designs. If you have a chance to work with her, you’ll be doing yourself a favor!
— Cindy Santa Cruz, Owner & Founder at ParaPatch

ParaPatch is the mother company of Lady Patch. For their corporate logo, they wanted to communicate that were a company founded by women, led by women, for women.

In the words of CEO Suzanne Sengelmann, “We are committed to restoring women's freedom and self-esteem, and empowering them to lead and drive change across women's issues, particularly those related to women's health....we are intelligent, independent & driven, but not arrogant.”


The concept of logo stems from the idea of harmonious unity. ParaPatch's mission is to empower women by creating products that allow them to regain their independence. I wanted to capture the balance of their relationship and how wonderfully interdependent they were.

I believe it is a relationship that will continue to build on itself and the shapes within the logo reflects that energy and life.

With that in mind, we went on to create the brand identity for their first product, Lady Patch.


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