Commissioned: Outdoor Brooklyn Mural

We were in need of something beautiful and inspirational to look at in our new backyard and Haena delivered. With just a few words of the kind of ambiance we’d like during our time outside, she knew right away the kind of atmosphere we were looking for. We have been admirers of her artwork so we completely trusted her with whatever concept she decided on. Needless to say, we are incredibly pleased with the results — Haena has created an urban oasis in Brooklyn!
— Rina & John Scheaffer

When Rina and John told me the kind of vibe they were trying to achieve in their backyard, I knew instantly what I wanted to create. The backyard was the family's favorite place to go, relax, and have fun. They love nature and the ocean and wished they were closer to it so I ran with that as my inspiration.


The piece I created reflects the kind of things you would see if you were underwater… sea forms and shapes embracing, tickling, and gliding by you while swimming. I wanted to bring the ocean to them – not as admirers of the ocean, but as one with the ocean.

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