Design: Hunter NY

Creative Direction, Design, Illustration: Brand Identity, Website, Print

Haena was incredibly wonderful to work with for the branding of our jewelry company. Her designs were extremely thoughtful, with intricate details that truly symbolized and conveyed the vision for our brand. She offered creative solutions for all of our branding needs and made the process so enjoyable and seamless. We’re so lucky to have worked with someone so talented and passionate about their craft. Thank you for your beautiful work!
— Jennifer Monzon & David Ansvananda, Hunter NY


Hunter NY had a clear vision of what they loved and what they wanted to create. My job was to help carry their voice by creating a unique logo that incorporated their sensibilities. They also needed a brand identity that was visually strong, memorable, and could stand out amongst their peers.

Their website was inspired and designed around the things they loved and pulled inspiration from their daily lives. I created an interactive flash website for them back in 2010 which made the visitor feel like they were perusing an antique shop, clicking on different objects, etc. It exuded a rustic vibe which really embraced their story and created the ambiance they were looking for.

The website went on to win three Communicator Gold Awards of Excellence, a Silver W3 Award, an Interactive Media Award and was named a Pixel Award Finalist.


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