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Creative Direction, Design, Illustration: Brand Identity, Website, Print

When I launched my Landscape Design business I knew I wanted to stand out in a crowded field so I turned to Haena for inspired design. She started from scratch and brought me options that were totally fresh, so many ideas I had not even considered. From color palette to logo to branded materials she completely nailed it. She went above and beyond to even create my business card, stationary, title block and t-shirts. Years later I’m still thrilled with the work, she truly helped create and launch a brand identity that is effective at gaining attention from the right clients!
— Heather Reid, Hey Nice Garden


The client's criteria for her brand identity was that it needed to be approachable, memorable, and most importantly, professional. Her belief was that client-focused design is the best way to build relationships and a great garden. Keeping that as the mantra throughout the design process, I created an identity that truly captured the company's spirit as well as their fresh perspective on landscape design.

I based the website on the idea of something alive, fresh, and organic. I wanted to digitally recreate the feeling of being in a garden. All the elements of the website like trees, flowers, shrubs, mulch, water, and grass were shot individually. I then isolated all the images and composed different environments for city, land, and seaside scenes. The result was the creation of three unique gardens for clients to experience that translated the Hey Nice Garden design aesthetic.

It's a shame that flash is not as relevant as it used to be especially since this interactive flash site is no longer live… but during the time it was up, it garnered a lot of attention for being featured in Print Magazine's October 2010 issue as one of their 35 Creativity + Commerce Winners. The website also brought home five Silver W3 Awards.


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