Design: Dahrak Soju Distillery

Creative Direction, Design, Illustration: Brand Identity, Package Design


On one of the cliffs overlooking the ocean on Jeju Island, South Korea, is a beautiful vista point under development. This soon-to-be resort area will include a food hall to showcase local culinary delights, and a small distillery for tourists all around the world to enjoy the taste of Jeju. This destination point will be called Dahrak.


The brand identity was inspired by the lava rocks you find around Jeju Island. They are everywhere and have beautiful unexpected ridges. I used those shapes to inform the main shape of the logo.

What makes this soju distillery unique is the main ingredient. Their new blend of soju utilizes a plant only found on Jeju Island. Since there are so many kinds of soju brands in South Korea, it was important to not only differentiate it by modern, vibrant colors, but also by using their unique ingredient — the special plant.


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