Commissioned: Charity Staircase Mural

In the summer of 2014, Bright Side Projects was presented with an opportunity to beautify MuHsiang Children’s Home in Taiwan. Haena immediately reached out to us when she heard about our charity project. Despite being based in New York, within days we were able to schedule her to fly over and beautify the space. In addition she hosted a one day workshop for the children to create mini artworks for their new home.

Haena often worked on her own hours to ensure that her creation was a masterpiece that brightened the new home which both children and adults will enjoy for years to come. She has an eye for beauty, a passion for good causes, and is a wonderful communicator. It was a joy to have her onboard with us and I know that any future projects with her involved will be a success...
— Daisy Lin, Owner & Founder at Bright Side Projects
First Floor Wall (before & after)

First Floor Wall (before & after)

In August of 2014, the MuHsiang orphanage in Taipei, Taiwan acquired an old elementary school to transform into its new home. The orphanage staff and volunteers have been providing homes for children affected by domestic violence and hoped to continue building upon that love in their new space.

The orphanage and Bright Side Projects, began their “Build a Home” journey to beautify their new home by inviting artists to create site-specific pieces. I was honored when they invited me to help enhance their home through visual art and to conduct an artist workshop with the kids. As you can imagine, the orphanage was eager, but under-funded. The trip required many sponsors to help with travel and material expenses.

...Our project took place in a very short timespan from conception to completion in a matter of weeks. Haena proved to not only be an impressive artist but a true professional. She was clear in her communication of what she planned to create and what she needed to meet our deadline and within budget. The one-day workshop hosted for the children of the home was yet another absolutely delightful collaboration. Under Haena’s patient guidance and clear instructions, each child was able to create their own mini artwork on canvas.
— Daisy Lin, Owner & Founder at Bright Side Projects

Second Floor Wall (before)


The wall for the mural led from the main floor to the bedrooms, a cozy safe haven. I based my idea around the transition that occurs between a solid foundation and a more ethereal place. Nothing too literal but something that creates a mood, ambiance or an emotion. I hoped to create a piece that would allow a child’s worries to fade away as he or she ascended. At the top of the stairs the artwork is “lighthearted and carefee.” The ground floor included more dense shapes and higher contrast – to allude to a solid foundation (or strong sense of family) and as one ascends to the next floor, some of the patterns and shapes begin to fade away. In essence, I wanted it to feel like they were walking through a forest to dreamland.

Before I got to the site, my plans were to use red & yellow as the main colors. I planned to use hints of yellow in the background to brighten things up and make some areas look like a sea-foamy green color. I also anticipated working off the existing blue paint on the wall to create different shades from it. My main objective was to keep the colors at a minimum, and simple, yet impactful.

When I arrived at the site, some of the colors were not readily available so I ended up switching the main colors. In the end, everything turned out for the best. The custom colors I created worked well for the space and the light that comes through the staircase during the day.

Second Floor Wall (after)


“Out There” Photo Journal

This is a photo journal of my travels there, the creative process for the mural that was created and an overview of the workshop I did with the kids. Although this journal was created for print, and best viewed as a book, I thought I'd share it as a digital slideshow since many have shown interest in my journey there. I hope you enjoy it as much I did putting it together.


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