About: Artist Statement

Stop thinking of art as an activity totally separate from the human activity; but rather as a part of being human and part of life that is intrinsic, not as a separate event.
— Milton Glaser

Where artistic passion and purpose are one.


The unifying thread underlying my work is clarity— the consistent thought around the concept and the process of achieving it. I've come to realize that this desire for understanding is not just my own, but rather one that is universal in human emotion. My curiosities revolve around our instinctual emotions; in particular, how one has experienced triumph over adversity and has wandered the wilderness and come out on the other side. Through my work, I portray this intangible, intimate moment of clarity and the potential that accompanies it.



I exist to create experiences where artistic passion and purpose are one. My work seeks to connect, spark meaningful relationships, and cultivate repose in everyday life.

I partner only with those I know and trust, and use business to inspire and implement solutions for continuing art education in our community. I strive to grow my studio with the same passion, purpose and integrity I use in my art. 

Bring inspiration into your space.

Let's create a piece that truly moves you.